Australia’s banks boycott Apple Pay and help Bitcoin

The mobile payment sector seething because any business, banks and any financial institution is trying to start their platform in the near future. In Australia it will go for Apple Pay no means smooth, because the major banks of the country continue to boycott the popular mobile payment solution. NAB was among the first, who published their mobile app and now ANZ Mobile Pay is also there. On the other hand creates a Bitcoin far less broken payment system in the world.

Even if customers prefer for their mobile purchases Apple Pay, this opportunity will not be given if their bank does not participate in the project. The probability in Australia with Apple Pay is getting smaller, as long as the large banks in the country are boycotting this solution. The same problems, Apple has also in Canada; the investments of the banks is a key issue in Australia. There are a lot of friction between all parties, just because the technology giant in the country trying to occupy a part of the exchange fees.

Unlike the mobile payment solutions that requires the participation of the banks, the Bitcoin ecosystem is very rational. In fact it would be hard not to rationalize it, since there is no unnecessary mixing with third parties, banks or governments. This is one of the great strengths of Bitcoin, because it is not burdened by these “troubles”. to get his own Bitcoin has become increasingly easier over time. Most countries have one or more Bitcoin exchanges, there are Bitcoin ATM and even peer-to-peer trades are possible. Additionally, there is the limited amount of coins a chance for appreciation.

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