Austrian software for Bitcoin ATM starts is the first Austrian IT company that makes software for Bitcoin ATMs. With their business office in the second district of Vienna a Bitcoin ATM is installed, where everyone can purchase at the rapid and simple Bitcoins. Also unique: buys directly for cash Bitcoins from customer.

With a margin of 3.9% provides Bitcoins Vienna-wide at the most favorable. Moreover Bitcoins buys cash from customers. Unregistered customers can buy or sell per day in business office up to 4 Bitcoins (at the current rate). Even operators of ATMs benefit from
The software of can be used in various machines types. The software is particularly distinguished in that it automates and simplifies complex processes in administration and accounting.

Behind are both IT professionals and Patrick Heiss Martin Swoboda. With their software Corecell Insert they lay the next milestone for the transaction of crypto-currencies. Crypto currency are money in the form of digital cash. After careful analysis of existing crypto ATMs Heiss and Swoboda have with their software Corecell expands the machines operating with numerous features and optimized. Currently is already in the production of a prototype for its own ATMs. Worldwide, there are fewer than a dozen machine manufacturers for crypto-currencies.

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