Ban of Bitcoin sites in Russia

Is it the beginning of a ban on using Bitcoin in Russia? The russian telecommunications regulator blocked the access to five Bitcoin sites becaus he think that Bitcoin contributes to the growth of the shadow community. Beside the oil prices and the collapsing rouble it seems to be a topic that draw interest in the country. By now there is no legal ban on using Bitcoin in Russia but in view of the ban of the sites it’s perhaps only a question of time.

The banned sites include,,, Indacoin and (a russian Bitcoin community). The blockages of the sites stem from an order dating back on September 2014 an were only enforced yet. The operators of said that no one had contacted them about the order.

In an excerpt from the court’s decision it reads as follows:

Introduction in Russia of other monetary units and production of money substitutes is prohibited. In such circumstances cryptocurrencies including ‘bitcoin’ are money substitutes, contribute to the growth of the shadow economy and can not be used by citizens and legal persons on the territory of the Russian Federation.

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