Barclays Bank accept Bitcoin for Charity

The British Barclays Bank has announced the acceptance of Bitcoin payments for charity events, to approach one step to the digital currency Bitcoin. From an article in The Sunday Times reveals that the international Bankenrise has already entered into a partnership with a yet unknown Bitcoin Stock Exchange and the formal roll-out is planned in 2016.

The announcement differs somewhat from the previous assumption that the Bank is increasingly involved in the technology to the future to integrate the Bitcoin block chain and technology for their own processes. At the beginning of the year the bank had already carried out a feasibility study with the European service providers Safello. Shortly thereafter, Barclays took three Bitcoin startups in the FinTech program with.

Lately, the messages in which test Bitcoin banks or at least the block chain technology and thus want to find out whether this is a future piling. This is good news for the currently ailing Bitcoin, because whenever a large bank or institution relies on the crypto-currency, is also the continuation of safe and the general opinion is positively influenced.

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