Bitchain presents Bitcoin Wallet

Screenshot (1)The e-wallet Chip-Chap allows its users a hitherto unparalleled range of activities: from the purchase and conversion of Bitcoins on mobile numbers and transfer, to the use of different payment systems. The e-wallet Chip-Chap is a digital system that combines traditional banking platforms with virtual currencies like Bitcoin. In addition to the sale and storage of Bitcoins in the app, the user can change this even back in Euro and they stand out in cash at the nearest bank ATM.

The difference with existing wallets lies in the comprehensive and hitherto unparalleled range of options. With Chip-Chap enables users to manage their digital currencies and exchange, perform transfers, withdraw cash from ATMs and pay even in shops. Since the user can buy his Bitcoins by credit card through Chip-Chap and ship directly, Chip-Chap requires no intermediate players. In case of need for cash allows the app for a simple conversion into euros, which can be withdrawn at any ATM of the Hal Cash system. One developed by the company “Abanca” platform enables cash using an SMS and without any bank making map.

In addition, the user can create a “Virtual Visa” by Bitcoin and can pay with this comfortable in all e-commerce stores. The e-commerce must accept only conventional credit card payments therefor. Finally, Chipchap goes far beyond e-commerce, and is dedicated to the unsolved problem of mobile payments in physical stores. With Chip-Chap gets paid in all transactions with Bitcoin- acceptance immediately.

Chipchap is a company, based in Castellón and specializes in various digital management services and monetary transfers. Since November 2015 Chip Chap and Bitchain work together on projects in the crypto-currency ecosystem. The development of e-wallets is a product of this cooperation.

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