Bitcoin April Fools

April Fools inside!On the 1st of April it’s exhausting to read news. April fools hide everywhere and some of them are easy to identify and others are produced so professional, that a deeper thought is necessary. We looked around and catch the best Bitcoin April Fools in 2015. Did you found any more? Please link them in a comment!

1. Greece go to Bitcoin 
Yanis Varoufakis, Greek Finance Minister, held a secret meeting to say “We’ll go to Bitcoin, we will be ahead of all the world economies an although it may be painful in the beginning, Greece’s economy will thrive in the long term”. In Varoufakis imagination, every citizen will a a computerized card with a chip to be used as an electronic wallet. With this it would be easy to beat corruption, because all transactions will be recorded to the Greek Ministry of Finance.

2. Crypto Omelette with Eggcoin
Newegg, the technology retailer, released Eggcoin, a crypto-currency with iths value tied to the price of a dozen eggs. “It needed to be valuable to our tech community, more efficient to mine, more friendly to monitor, it needed to be … eggier. ” The new crypto-currency was introduced in a video

3. BitPay launched a kinetic-powered Bitcoin miner device
In a press release it was said: “We are delighted to announce the launch of a product that we believe will put bitcoin mining within the reach of millions more people. The BitPay Klondike that we are announcing today is the first bitcoin mining rig of its kind. … When a car has the BitPay Klondike installed, it can reclaim up to 17% of this kinetic energy generated by braking and stores it in a compact, custom-engineered lithium ion battery which powers the internal bitcoin mining ASICs. Electric cars such as the Tesla currently use a similar system called Regenerative Braking, to harness this recycled power and further power the vehicle. Instead, the Klondike uses this energy to generate revenue by mining bitcoin.”

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