Bitcoin ATM are increasing

Bitcoin ATMs have been popular in recent years. Crypto-Nerds and Enthusiasts have their Bitcoin cards worried and paid or withdrawn. This process is very convenient, but this time it is not about Fiat money. These machines sometimes get a bad reputation. They are abused for money laundering and other crimes, but they are mainly part of a growing financial network that will expand their horizons and offer better services to users.

According to the CoinATMRadar online platform, more than 800 Bitcoin machines are distributed all over the world. Over 500 of these are in the US, although ironically, the trend began three years ago in Canada. The first bitcoin machine was used in a cafe in Vancouver in October 2013. The world looked at it and said, “I also want one!”. A well-known example of Bitcoin’s cash machines is Coinsource. The Bitcoin company is experiencing growing progress in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Coinsource operates over 70 Bitcoin vending machines within American borders, with Texas with a dozen most vending machines. CEO Sheffield Clark says Texas is a rapidly growing bitcoin market:

“The economic motor in Texas is like no other in the United States. Dallas and Houston have emerged as hubs for a fast bitcoin adoption. Bitcoin is growing success here and it is obvious that we are supporting this growth here. “

But this was just the beginning. Plans for 2017 have already been forged: as many machines as possible should be deployed in the States to meet the growing love and growing demand of Bitcoin.

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