Bitcoin auction had four winners

Statements according to the US Marshal Service (USMS), there were a total of four winners at the recent Silk Road Bitcoin auction. The public announcement of the USMS brings some rest in the hot kitchen speculation around the auction of 05 November attended a total of only 11 bidders. Overall 44k Bitcoins came with a current total value of approximately 13.4 million euros under the hammer.

So far, only one participant publicly known as a winner – Bitcoin Exchange itBit confirmed the successful winning of five blocks of 2,000 BTC, thus securing 10,000 Bitcoins. The USMS informed already that itBit was outbid by unnamed bidders in other blocks. The unknown bidder should have bought more than 24,000 BTC (around 73.4 million Euro value). Further, also previously unknown bidder share a smaller share.

The USMS said:

“The latest US Marshal Service Bitcoin auction resulted in a total of four winners. The distribution of Bitcoins on the individual bidders is as follows: 4.000 BTC (so far unknown), 6,000 BTC (so far unknown), 10,000 BTC (itBit) and around 24 341 BTC (so far unknown) “.

A study conducted by market observation block chain analysis had suggest in advance on 3-4 winners.

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