Bitcoin Black Friday! Are you ready?

It’s only two years ago that the Bitcoin Black Friday made its debut – but we all won’t live without him. As its start only 20 merchants supporting the campaign. Last year 600 merchants and the sales hit the $ 6 million border. And Jon Holmquist, founder of the event, expect that more than 1,200 merchants participate and the sales volume will be tremendous.

On the website everybody can join the newsletter for updates or for listing a deal. At November 28th the access to thousands of deals is given. But the deals aren’t revealed until the day after Thanksgiving. And to build excitement, this year the list will post on the day before Thangsgiving so everybody could take a look at the offers and can select hot deals calmly.

Do you use the Black Friday for buying gifts or needful things for yourself? And would you pay it with Bitcoin?

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