Bitcoin and Co. boost cybercrime

Cybercrime is a big problem now. Last year, the financial damage of such attacks is said to have summed about by loss of data and IT systems destroyed, stolen money or patents as well as the costs resulting from recovery and offender search, to over three trillion dollars worldwide. These damages are expected to double the experts of Cybersecurity ventures by 2021 to six billion US dollars.

Cybercriminals have become faster in recent years, daring and experienced, notes the study “Hackerpocalypse: A Cybercrime Revelation”. Targeted the Black Hat hacker would increasingly smaller companies take, obviously, because there the IT security is not quite as high as in large corporations. Nearly half of all attacks are aimed at small businesses already.

A major reason for the upturn seen the study authors also reflected in the increased popularity of crypto currencies like Bitcoin. This was “possible, safely and easily made to demand money anonymously to obtain and transfer”, can Matt Anthony, Manager, quote in cybersecurity experts Herjavec Group. In addition, cybercriminals need hardly fear a punishment because the legal conditions they played in the cards.

No wonder, then, if you believe the security experts that the financial damage in the range ransomware, ie the extortion of money by encrypting data, to explode at one billion dollars this year – after 24 million dollars in the previous year. But in the first quarter of this year ransomware attacks have cost the victims 209 million US dollars. In Germany, the beginning of the crypto Trojan Locky had caused a stir, is said to have attacked in a single day in February 17,000 computers. Companies need to improve their defenses and are more resilient, one end of cybercrime epidemic is in sight, says Herjavec chief Robert Herjavec. As long as cybercriminals without great risk could generate income, they would continue their attacks.

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