Bitcoin exceeds $ 300 mark

After a steady increase since mid-September the Bitcoin rises on the CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index (BPI) today to $ 300. July 13 was the last time when the Bitcoin price exceeded $ 300 limit. He reached at the time a high of $ 310.9, but ended with $ 290.88.

Today, the price has crossed the line at 02:30 UTC, then still rose to $ 301.96, but still fell to $ 299.71 at press time. Even if the price by 30.3% increase since the beginning of September, it is still lower than it was during this time of the year 2014th.

The bulk of trading in the last 24 hours took place on Chinese Bitcoin exchanges. According to data from Bitcoinity up 45.18% on distributed OkCoin, 33.43% to 5.29% on Huobi and BTCC. The trading volume of the last 30 days, shows similar results. The origin of these price developments is still unclear, although there is speculation because of the EU VAT system, which recognizes the Bitcoin as a currency, and excludes from VAT. Other guesses suggest the fear of Chinese traders against future capital controls, so they are now investing their funds in Bitcoin.

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