Bitcoin Frenzy: Get started in the world of Bitcoin

Irelands first Bitcoin Frenzy eventIndroducing more people to the benefits of Bitcoin – that’s the ambitious aim at the Bitcoin Frenzy event, hosted by the irish startup Bitex. On the one-day event Bitex will extend a place where people can come together to chat an learn more about digital currencies and their advantages now and in the future. The Bitcoin Frenzy is on Saturday June 14th 2014 from 12pm to 6 pm and the first 500 people who go throug the door will receive a Bitcoin Frenzy Pack which includes free random amount of Bitcoin between 25 Cent to € 50.

The Bitcoin Frenzy is the first Bitcoin event in Ireland and will come with many highlights for Bitcoin fans and interested people. So visitors can use Irelands first ever Bitcoin ATM and Bitcoin ViviPOS system. To provide sustenance there will be free drinks an light refreshments and Bitcoin cupcakes for the kids. Also all visitors have the chance to learn more about Bitcoin and digital currencies by meeting the movers and shakers in Bitcoin and getting the facts from the experts.


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