Is Bitcoin the future or not?

When you search for informations about Bitcoins, it’s very dificult to understand if Bitcoin is the currency of the future or just another digital revolution which includes a lot of mistakes and is so not safe enough for the future.

This video will give you answers to the most asked questions.

Even gold is not as secure as un-hackable Bitcoin currency – Bitcoin Foundation CEO.
The Bitcoin system is said to be reaching its capacity limits – spelling a possible disaster for thousands of those who decided to invest in the world’s top cryptocurrency. One of the leading programists from the company quits it, selling all of his Bitcoins and calling it a “failed experiment”. On the other hand, with the growing number of Bitcoin users, even politicians and bankers can’t anymore deny its importance in the financial and digital world. Can the Bitcoin solve its problems, or it is the end of the road for the virtual money giant?

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