Bitcoin Giving Tuesday

Bitcoin Giving TuesdayThe Advent season is always a time where many non-profit organizations ask for donations. That’s also the season where people give gladly. But most of the people don’t spend a thought at the fact that also banks, credit card companies and other middlemen take profit of the donations – and the people who need the donation get less. With the Bitcoin Giving Tuesday which is on Tuesday, December 2nd this year, you can ensure that 100 percent of your donation go to the¬†nonprofit!

The Bitcoin Giving Tuesday is a collaboration between Bitcoin Black Friday, BitGive and the Bitcoin Foundation. If you want to do a good deed, join the movement and register on Bitcoin Giving Tuesday to donate Bitcoin for a variety of non-profit organizations like Medic Mobile, American Red Cross, The Water Project and many other fantastic organizations.

Make every penny count! On the International Day of Giving you have the choice to give 100 percent of your donation by using Bitcoin instead your credit card or other payment methods that takes fees.

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