Bitcoin goes social

The easy way to use bitcoin with facebookKeeping it simple – that was the intention from the founders of QuickCoin, a social wallet which make it easy to send and receive Bitcoin via Facebook. The startup, based in San Francisco, will bring Bitcoin to the masses and integrate its product with Facebook. With a bit of luck the social wallet will go viral and Bitcoin get more active fans. To make this happen, the company rely on simplicity, safety and standards.

Using Bitcoin is not so easy for many people. They don’t understand all the technical issues and they think Bitcoin is to expensive to get in. They saw the worth for one Bitcoin and they are put off. But they don’t see, that bitcoin is divisible. The smallest unit of 0,000000001 BTC corresponds to half an Dollar – so it’s not expensive to geht into Bitcoin. And so the QuickCoin wallet dipslays value in bits and in fiat currency as well to make the first stepbs with Bitcoin easier for users without any experience.

With the clear and simple interface of QuickCoin, which is optimized for use on mobile devices, there are only a few functions available: “Send bitcoin”, “Receive Bitcoin”, “Logout” and “Unlink Account” – so it’s more easier to use as other wallets. To use the social wallet the users must sign in to the service using ther Facebook details. After that the application creates contacts from Facebook friends and make it possible to send them bitcoins. And the friends don’t have to signed up for the service! And when bitcoin is sent to a contact, a notification on the receivers timeline give a short info about the transaction.

The company founders have other services planned – Facebook is only the beginning.


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