“Bitcoin has failed”

Former Bitcoin developer Mike Hearn expects in a detailed blog post from the crypto-currency and explains why the project is in his opinion failed. The key is a change in the formerly transparent and open community in recent months, which now “rampant censorship and attacks” among the parties the rule had become. He therefore terminate its participation in the project.

In particular, following the departure of the founder Satoshi Nakamoto no proper leadership of the project longer exists. The succeeding Gavin Andresen had brought more developers because he did not want to take on the task alone. Hearn faulted, the responsibilities were not clearly defined, so necessary decisions have been omitted. That was also the technical infrastructure affects that stands now close to collapse.

Thus, the latent cleavage of the Bitcoin project, could deepen the already in August 2015 by a dedicated client software (Bitcoin XT) of Hearn and Andresen was initiated. The dispute revolved around the block size with which the transactions are processed in the remote directory, the block chain: you hitherto exercised a megabyte, allowing loud Hearn about three transactions per second, and in his view, is too slow. His Fork set the block size to 8 megabytes up what will allow up to 24 transactions. However, the conversion of the bitcoin miners on the new client came not as of Hearn hopes ahead.

While Hearn throws in the towel, Gavin Andresen has presented a new alternative client called Bitcoin classic, which provides for a block size of 2 MB. The proposal should already have the support of a large Chinese bitcoin miners. Also, there is yet another alternative called Bitcoin Unlimited, which also provides for larger blocks.

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