Bitcoin is a currency for criminals

cyber attackIn his latest report on Internet organized crime in 2015 Europol refers again position to cybercriminals. This time reference is also aware of digital currencies. For fabled 40 percent of transactions for crimes on the Internet should have become used digital currencies and Bitcoins . Crypto currencies would favor a Crime-as-a-service business model and especially Bitcoins would frequently used for money laundering. Criminals took advantage of the fact that Bitcoin transactions are anonymous “massively”, Europol concludes.

As an example, results in the Open Bazaar report. The decentralized marketplace comes the former Silk Road trading very close, offering similar products and services, including also dangerous drugs. Since when paying Bitcoins are used, one sees these criminal marketplace appeared to function as stereotypical image of Bitcoin uses. Another criticism of Open Bazaar mainly decentralized peer to peer structure that makes it nearly impossible to control the platform (or to close them) or a responsible person to find.

Competent authorities are strongly recommended, even to take a look at the digital currencies and to illuminate their downsides. One would also move safety commissions for increased cooperation in order to jointly monitor the “society of alternative payments” can.

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