Bitcoin market capitalization

The Bitcoin is currently in a rally and pushes market capitalization accordingly upward. Finally, this year the value of Bitcoin has more than doubled. In January 2016, Bitcoin was traded at an average price of $ 435. Well (as of December 23, 2016) Bitcoin has cracked the 900 US dollar mark. The current rally is mainly responsible for the currency problems of India, Venezuela and China.

Even though Bitcoin has reached a new high in market capitalization, the Bitcoins is under the all-time high of 2013. At that time, Bitcoin hit a price of $ 1,163 at the Bitstamp trade exchange. Market capitalization, however, only barely hit the $ 14 billion mark. At present, market capitalization is even over $ 14.5 billion and is thus moving towards the US $ 15 billion mark.

The high political and economic instability in the world gives Bitcoincurs a proper backwind, so it is quite realistic that it would not be too long before the US $ 15 billion is reached. Nevertheless, it must not be forgotten that every rally has to consolidate. The question arises as to whether a correction will be initiated before the US $ 15 billion mark is reached or only afterwards.

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