Bitcoin price growed rapidly

The Bitcoin is again showing its strong side. Yesterday, the price of the digital currency rose within an hour by 30 dollars. For a short time the Bitcoin was worth 740 USD yesterday, he managed a course jump of about four percent.

What should have boosted Bitcoin’s strong price rise, can ultimately only be speculated. Demand for crypto might be caused by the weakening of the yuan, the Chinese currency, speculating experts. Even increased demand for the Bitcoin itself as a digital currency could be the reason without further background.

The Bitcoin proves again that it is not to be depreciated. On the contrary, the future of Bitcoin may have just begun. The many critics of the world’s most famous digital currency have become increasingly quiet in recent months. This, after Bitcoin proved to be extremely stable this year, can be seen as a refuge for investors. This was reflected in a price rise after the Brexit referendum, and the stable development of the BTC in the aftermath.

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