Bitcoin price will reach a worth of 10,000 $

opengraphIn these days the worth of Bitcoins is no cause for celebration but it’s still no reason for panic. And some Bitcoin enthusiasts and investors looks ahead in a future with a growing worth. One of those investors, Tim Draper, have every reason to be disappointed by the market trend of Bitcoin. He purchases by auction the 30,000 Bitcoins from the confiscated Silk Road Bitcoins. Now he is suprised by the fall in price but have a bullish attitude and have faith in Bitcoin as a long-term asset.

In an interview with CoinDesk Tim Draper said:

“I guess the markets aren’t seeing what I am seeing. An entire economy is being rebuilt. I have a price target of $10,000 in three years. Even that may be pessimistic.”

Drapers strategy is based on Bitcoin startups in emergent countries and he sheer every investor to believe in Bitcoin and the possibilities of the market. And he cheers the people to use Bitcoin in their daily routine. At the end of the interview he said:

“My thinking is that bitcoin is here to stay”

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