Bitcoin protocol 0.12

The Bitcoin protocol is available in a new version 0.12. Thanks to some optimizations it should work more efficiently now. ECDSA Signature validated Bitcoin 0.12 not by Open SSL, but with the help of library Libsecp256k1. On 64-bit machines, the process need now five times less time. The library has been extensively tested and validated, the side effect is that Libconsensus depends not on Open SSL.

When starting a client, the client will first update the blocklist. He also provides information on historical blocks (older than one week) for other clients what use the upload bandwidth greatly. The parameter “-maxuploadtarget” can reduce this utilization now by the client and does not send “old” blocks any more after a certain time. Compatible peers swap now directly the header from instead of hashes that reducing the roundtrips. Developers also reduces the size of the memory pool because attackers clients could shoot by sending many low relay fees. Transactions that do not pay the minimum Relay Fee, delaying the protocol.

Furthermore, transactions can be in memory replace pool for transactions, and distributed the Bitcoin daemon when needed for authentication a specific, randomly generated cookie. This is done along the lines of goal cookies. Also in connection with the target is the ability to use hidden services. Finally Wallets recorded now negative confirmations and discover conflicts in the blockchain.

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