Bitcoin’s price fall: A consequence of regulations?

opengraphYesterday the price of Bitcoin dropped nearly 12 percent. With $435.60 it was the lowest value since may. And nothing really happens what could explain the worth. At least there was no reason like a hack, crash or something like this. But in the last weeks there were some news about regulations. Could this be the reason of the low value?

What happend to Bitcoin in the last days? This question is asked in many blogs, boards and conversations as a reaction of the low value of Bitcoin. And nobody has an concrete answer. There are rumors and suppositions, but no facts. One of the supposition is the idea that announced regulations could be the reason for the slump in prices.

New York became in July the first state to propose regulations for crypto-currency companies. For Bitcoin exchanges and companies a “BitLicense” would be required that secure, store or maintain custody or control of the virtual currency on behalf of customers. And last week the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau issued a warning on crypto-currency that fan fear of possible restrictions.

But at least the Bitcoiner’s doesn’t care so much to the slump in prices. Most of them assume normal price fluctuations and be cool with the trend. They see Bitcoin as a long term investment and were not solicitous about the low value but rather feel certain that the value would increase again.

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