Bitcon in worth of $10 free for college students

coinbase blogCoinbase will support the bitcoin awareness among students and announce a giveaway: They are gifting $10 worth of bitcoin to students when they create  a new Coinbase account using ther .edu e-mail adress. Inspired by the idea of two MIT students who raised money to give bitcoin to all undergraduates on their campus, Coinbase hopes to contribute the growing interest of bitcoin among the college students. And they hope that more students thinking and transacting in bitcoin will help spur the grows of bitcoin.

The offer is for a limited time and up to a limited, aggregate value – first-come/first-served. The Recipients of free bitcoin are ineligible for referee bonuses provided in other Coinbase promotions and the offer is good for select .edu domains only. So Coinbase tried to include the top 500 universities worldweide but can’t guarantee that every university will be supported.

More infos: Coinbase blog

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