Bitfilm-Festival starts in Germany

The Bitfilm-Festival is the first film festival that shows only films that will focus the crypto-currency Bitcoin. It starts the tour over four continents in Berlin, Germany, at October, 25 and continues in Seoul, Cape Town, Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro. The cover charge for the event in Berlin is 0.036 Bitcoin or 12 Euro. Up on the agenda are documentaries and animations with the focus on Bitcoin.

The schedule for Berlin:

5.00 pm: Bitcoin Exchange Berlin
6.00 pm: Bitcoin Animations
7.00 pm: Bitcoin Short Docs
8.00 pm: I am Satoshi – with Tomer Kantor, London
9.00 pm: The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin – German premiere
11.30 pm: Bitfilm Late Night

The festival dates:

  • October 25th, Berlin
  • November 8th, Seoul
  • November 29th, Buenos Aires
  • December 6th, Rio de Janeiro
  • 2015, Cape Town
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