Bitfinex: Investors lose a third of their deposits

The exchange for digital currencies Bitfinex will resume operation after the theft of Bitcoin worth the equivalent of over 60 million dollars. The loss should be allocated to all customers, Bitfinex informed on with. Each user will thus 36 percent of its deposits lose – regardless of whether one’s own account was affected by the theft or not. The platform will go first to a limited safe mode back online, Bitfinex informed. It is for the user only possible to log into their accounts, but not to carry out transactions. They also would have to change their passwords.

To compensate for the loss of customers, Bitfinex relies on a kind of voucher system. All users of the Exchange of Hong Kong to get tokens. This could possibly be redeemed later or converted into shares of the parent company Bitfinex iFinex. Exactly how the compensation could look like and how Bitfinex wants to pay it, it’ll still negotiating with potential investors, it said. The method by which the 36-percent reduction was calculated for all the users of the stock market, Bitfinex will also explain in the coming days.

Bitfinex considered the largest trading center of exchanges of Bitcoin against US dollar. Unclear is still, as it had come to the theft. By security breach Bitcoin amounts had been stolen from user accounts in a big way. It almost 120,000 Bitcoin were captured. After the attack the already very volatile price of digital currency to the dollar fell by more than 20 percent, but recovered since slightly. In Tokyo, a Bitcoin was on Monday with $ 595 traded to a low of $ 577 after the announcement of the attack. The incident at Bitfinex is considered the second largest Bitcoin theft in the history of file sharing. When biggest theft 2014 Japanese Bitcoin Exchange “Mt. Gox” 744,000 Bitcoin were stolen. “Mt. Gox” had time to declare bankruptcy.

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