Bitwage collects $760,000

The Startup for Bitcoin payrolls “Bitwage” has gained a total of 760,000 US Dollars within a new financing round. The sum was collected from a group investors, including Orange Telecom, Draper Associates and participants of investment platform. On Monday a $ 200,000 -Round on of Bitwage was completed. These were shares that were originally purchased by the Max Keiser Bitcoin Capital Fund.

The last few months has the Startup for Bitcoin payrolls spent to raise new funds. At this process was the venture capital area of “Uphold” – Cloud Money Ventures – and Saeed Amidi, then great supporter for now multi-million dollar companies such as PayPal and Dropbox, involved. During this time Bitwage joined the Startup group of French telecommunications giant Orange Telecom.

Jonathan Chester, Bitwage founder, said in an interview with CoinDesk that his company is planning its infrastructure with the means to expand, and to focus on the European market. He also said that the team intends to allocate additional resources Bitwage for improving its user experience to the customer to make integration easier. Those who participated in the financing of Bitwage refer to its real benefits and the opportunity to support the use of Bitcoin.

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