Brexit negative for Bitcoin?

For a long time the rumor mill to the withdrawal from the EU from Britain. An increasingly unstable economy in the European Union, not least caused by the crisis in Greece, presses on all its members. Economic problems in Greece and France, sanctions from Russia and the Euro not only pollute the countries directly concerned but also other members such as Germany and the Netherlands. Should the proposed referendum on United Kingdom membership of the European Union take place, this would also greatly affect the Bitcoin industry.

An exit of Britain from the EU would affect all government members. At the same time companies are considering to move its location. For by one based in an EU country they finally have easy access to all markets belonging to the EU. Companies that have a sole seat in the UK still, fell off a lot of potential. So is currently also speculated as in the case of Brexits looks with Bitcoin companies. At the same time Scotland could turn it back and demand independence from the UK. Even so fell the (Bitcoin) companies away another market.

Britain is precisely the seat of many startups and Bitcoin companies because the legal regulations are very entrepreneurs friendly. That’s why many young companies have settled around the site around London in recent years, which are now facing the problem of Brexits. Simple rules for enterprises while an easy access to the EU market, which would have taken then for many startups no longer.

Already has many Fintech and Bitcoin companies from London to think about moving to another EU location. The media agency Reuters stated that seven out of ten Fintech companies have already indicated to move their location, should enter this scenario. The consequences would be – especially for UK – crucial 6.6 billion pounds had Fintech industry implemented last year alone in the UK.

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