Brexit pushes Bitcoin price up

The British citizens have voted and the withdrawal from the EU seems set in stone. 51.9% of Britons have voted in favor of a Proposed referendum on United Kingdom membership of the European Union and thus an exit from the EU and were thus finally took a clear lead. Only 48.1% voted in favor of a “Bremain”, so a stay in the EU.

Yesterday and the day before the polls spoke for a Bremain, but the tide seems to have turned in the final meters. Even the Bitcoin price reacted to the to and fro in the UK sensitively. First, the Bitcoin price fell in recent days under 600 USD Brand significantly to a low of 550 dollars. This was due to the initially emerging whereabouts Britain in the EU and the resulting reduction of interest in Bitcoin as a “safe haven” for capital controls and a depreciation of the British pound. Currently, the price EUR / GPD is at a record-low of £ 0.766.

With the change of mood in the course of the referendum and the Bitcoin price made a U-turn. Since 23/06 18:00, the price per BTC continuously increases again and rose within the last 13 hours already for more than 120 USD for 678 US dollars. Just last week, the price reaches a new two-year high of well over $ 700.

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