Brussels will fight against Bitcoin

The EU says anonymous cash on the Internet to fight back. Brussels has presented an action plan to help combat the financing of terrorist organizations. A central component: the end of the anonymity of crypto currencies like the Bitcoin. But that would not only affect terrorists, but anyone who uses the virtual currencies. A few days ago it was said to Reuters, the EU would monitor the Bitcoin stronger, but not regulate. The reason: the virtual currency was too young, yet understand not how they work completely. As might attempt to regulate them, easily fail, said EU financial expert Olivier Salles.

A few days later, the European Commission unveiled an action plan in the announced regulation of digital currency and anonymous payment means the fight is announced. The IT portal “Heise” has analyzed the EU Commission’s plans – and writes, the consequences of this new strategy could go far beyond the fight against terrorism. The plan from Brussels before see, to put an end to the anonymity of virtual payment systems like Bitcoin. Even credit cards with which anonymous numbers is possible, the EU wants to declare war.

Success is that by the online platforms to which real money against Bitcoins, stricter rules are imposed. Future, they are covered against money laundering under the EU Directive and must “check their customers as part of their due diligence.” Here the identity of the customer is likely to be tested, whereby the anonymity of virtual currencies would have an end. The same is evidently planned even with prepaid cards, where you want to pay attention to the proportionality of the measures.

Meant are the rules that will impose the Brussel Bitcoin, for the fight against terrorist financing. Frans Timmermans, first vice president of the EU Commission: “We need to denying terrorists the means that they need for their heinous crimes.” Whether this also crypto currencies like Bitcoin count, however, is open. Europol has explained a few weeks ago, the use of Bitcoins by IS-terrorists could not be confirmed. A study by the UK Treasury gets the same results.

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