Call to boycott Bitcoin

NodeCounter is a website that allows users to see Bitcoin mining statistics. Now NodeCounter has Bitcoin called upon to boycott the Crypto Currency community. This is now already the second appeal, which is directed against the Bitcoin Core Developer.

This appeal reflects the frustration of some in the Bitcoin community, who are tired of constantly hearing from inconclusive scaling debates in the news – no prospect of an early solution. In its first call to NodeCounter has complained that the development of Bitcoin core was taken over by the company block stream, which in turn tries a development of the Bitcoin protocol to prevent in their own interest. Furthermore accused NodeCounter block stream of censorship because Block Stream allegedly veiled discussions about alternative ways of scaling-debate in public forums.

During this first announcement then looked that Bitcoin Classic Team to be promoted, it seems NodeCounter in his second call to take a neutral position, as no names of alternative protocols or companies emerge. In the call “Public Service Announcement # 2” accused NodeCounter the Bitcoin developer team not sufficient to account for the Bitcoin White Paper of Satoshi Nakamoto in versions. Furthermore, the accusation is expressed that the Bitcoin protocol has evolved from a simple peer-to-peer transaction log towards an overly complex and nested settlement system, with high transaction fees, developed.

There have been several calls to expand the block size. to consider instead these calls and many Bitcoin Improvement Proposals (special template for Bitcoin suggestions) these proposals were rejected by the Core Development Team and a large part of the mining community. Now NodeCounter want to clarify with this call that many in the community had enough of the constant back and forth.

Node Counter suggests that a shift to other decentralized digital currency to take place where the development team enough on the needs of the community. This appeal raises the pressure on the Bitcoin Core Developer and the mining community to act before the Bitcoin community begins to share the views of NodeCounter.

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