Cannabis Road offline after hack

Cannabis Road was hacked

photo credit: van_mij

Since today the black market Cannabis Road is offline. As a message from the lead developer “Crypto” shows, the online market place suffering from an hack attack. About $100,000 or to be exact 200 Bitcoin were stolen. And yet Crypto does not know how the money was stolen. In the massage on the market place he promises Cannabis Road users that he will share information on the attack as it was discovered.

Crypto discoverd the theft at 10:15 AM UTC. He logged into Cannabis Roads BTC wallet and noticed the balance was near zero. At first he thought it was a mistake but after a double and a triple check he had to admit the hacking to himself and found out that they had ben robbed only 15 minutes earlier. In his message to the users Crypto wrote:

“I am deeply sorry that I have failed you as a developer and a leader, and if I can figure out how this happened, maybe you will find it in your hearts to move past this and help us bring Cannabis Road back to life once again.”

In May Crypto indicated in an interview that Cannabis Road was using a hybrid version of multisig for better protecting user funds through the technology. So the fact that the market place was hacked is inscrutable for Crypto and many others, too.

At the end Crypto wrote in his message:

“I don’t know if Cannabis Road will continue to exist or not at this point, because there may be no reasonable way for us to recover from this.”

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  1. Joe Montana says:

    Crypto may have ‘robbed’ himself. For some time it has been rumored that cannabis road may becoming insolvent. Not saying he did or did not but, this would be a good way to restart without admitting financial ruin.

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