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Etherum goes mobile


Ethereum will soon have a first wallet for mobile devices with a WeChat-like interface.The Alpha version of Status will appear in the next few weeks. This program is intended to provide a new, up-to-date interface for the Ethereum wallet. With

Ethereum Geth Release introduces Swarm Daemon feature


A few exciting things are waiting for the Ethereum community. Two new Geth clients will be released next week. The releases contain new features, such as the AlphaLight Client. In addition, the limits for the new hard fork are inserted

Israel’s startups rely on Blockchain and Fintech


Israel’s start-up scene is one of the fastest growing in the world, focusing more and more on Fintech and Blockchain. According to a report by Deloitte, the number of start-ups from the financial sector has increased from 90 to 430,

What is ZCash worth?


ZCash has been on the market for several days now. On the crypt-market, the value of the new digital currency (ZEC) is still being assessed. The price for 1 ZEC is now at the price of 2 Bitcoin (1 ZEC

DAO hacker exchanges ETC against Bitcoin


Let us remember in June, when a hack from Ethereum’s most famous project, the DAO, could get rid of a lot of money by taking advantage of a security gap. The hack had a huge impact on the Ethereum ecosystem

Ethereum Classic (ETC) successfully passes its own Hard Fork


It is the network that has practically emerged as a result of the DAO disaster. The founders of Ethereum Classic (ETC) saw in the then hard fork a threat of the core principles of the blockchain: the immutability. But now

USC – the anti-Bitcoin

credit: wilhei55

Bitcoin and blockchain – the hype surrounding the two terms has hit not only in the past waves, but also on Wednesday. On this day, the financial giant BNY Mellon, the German bank, Banco Santander, UBS, the broker Icap and

Ethereum: Two parallel systems?


In Ethereum, the most important competition project to Bitcoins, it comes to the formation of sects. Suddenly there coexist two systems. The process highlights the pitfalls of the highly acclaimed art. In early May was still all right. When the

Ethereum price increases surprisingly


At the end of June had Hacker existing only in the block chain DAO (the first decentralized autonomous organization) stolen 3.6 million units of crypto currency and Bitcoin Alternative ether worth over 40 million euros. The Ethereum course broke then

Ether: $ 50 million stolen

cyber attack

There is a bank robbery of modern varieties: The technology, which should be regarded as “invulnerable” was hit by a heavy blow. The ether price fell massively. Criminals have, according to a media report captures online virtual currency worth more