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After decoupling of Bitcoin: Ether-price reaches record high


The price per Ether reached on June 14, the first time a new peak near the 20 Dollars mark. The digital token Ethereum seems to have escaped the old trading pattern and is currently seeking to escape upwards. In recent

Will there be soon State Coins?

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Because more and more people no longer pay with cash, but electronically, respond central banks: They could issue its own digital currency. The major central banks are preparing to a world without cash. According to information of central bank circles

Is Onecoin a Bitcoin alternative?

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Bitcoin is the oldest and still largest pure digital currency. Someone who claims to want to make the competition, is Onecoin. These were established by the Bulgarian businesswoman Ruja Ignatova who did doctorate in Konstanz in law. The company is

Swiss dig in Alps after Bitcoin competition


Back in Glarnerland for more than a yearthe computer server farm have been running hot. They help to secure the network of the digital currency Bitcoin. Now expand the previous operator of this so-called Bitcoin mining. The company Crypto Cash

Speculators jump on at Ether


The crypto-currencies gold rush is back. After the hype around the Bitcoin a new digital money creation electrified the network: Ether. Since the beginning of the course of the little-known currency raise from less than 1 Euro to almost 10

Price of Bitcoin rival Ether explodes


The prodigy of the crypto community, who is living in Switzerland Vitalik Buterin, is working on the super project Ethereum and has specially launched a new crypto currency that bears the name of ether. And this currency goes straight through

Bitcoin competitor must pay a large penalty

Ripple Labs

US start-up Ripple Labs, specializing in money transfers and creator of the virtual currency XRP, have to pay a penalty of $ 700,000. Ripple did not comply with requirements to combat money laundering, said the US Department of Justice. After

“Crypto-currencies are a toxic culture”

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  The dogecoin founder and Adobe Manager Jackson Palmer has now announcedto dissociate himself from the scene of the crypto currencies. The economic system he calls “toxic”. He with his passions would not give up his private life, to attract

From Darkcoin to Dash?


Is a complete re-branding of Darkcoin a good idea? Creator Evan Duffield seems to think so. To gain wider acceptance he will give Darkcoin a new branding. But not everyone in the community is happy about this. After a post

Interesting video introduced Litecoin

Charlie Lee is the creator of Litecoin and in August 2014 he held a presentation to introduce Litecoin. From the idea right up to mining he told about everything that is important to know. For everyone, who ist interested in