ChangeTip has announced $3.5 m in seed funding

ChangeTip raises $3.5 mIt seems that ChangeTip, a social tipping startup, has the finger on the pulse. After a great media coverage they now announced $3.5 m in seed funding. Pantera Capital led the seed round with other participants like Bold Start Ventures and 500 Startups. So the idea to make it easy giving a tip online with Bitcoin come to fruition and inspires the Bitcoin enthusiasts all over the world.

A few weeks ago ChangeTip announced that they have more than 30,000 users since its launch in December 2013. With the funds they will build out its infrastructure and, as well, continue expanding its user base. Founder and CEO Nick Sullivan said:

“The social media phenomenon of ‘tipping’, or expressing one’s appreciation over the Internet with small monetary or other digital gifts, is building momentum. With ChangeTip, a million users can tip $0.01 and the content creator can collect his $10,000 – an impossibility in a legacy payments world.”

Investors have a fancy for ChangeTip because they could help to bring more userers into Bitcoin. Social solutions like this tipping service could it make easy to use crypto-currency for all those who are interested but were persuaded against the technical challenges by transactions.

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