Coinbase launched redesigned Apps

Coinbase launches redesigned mobile apps

credit: Coinbase

Yesterday Coinbase announced a redesigned version of their mobile apps for iOS and Android. To create the best possible mobile experience for their users they rebuilt the apps from the ground up and spent them a sleek and simple design. Beside many features which were added there are some useful security updates. The basic functions are the same but an update is highly recommendet!

The new mobile wallet apps from Coinbase give users more detailed access to accounts and security settings. The updated interface features more detailed transaction data an categorizes account activities based on when it took place. Users have the choice of send and request money by Bitcoin address, email or QR code and can see the balance, transaction history and transaction details for multiple accounts.

For security they have added a variety of new features like support for TouchID on iOS, Support for 1Password, enhanced PIN lock functionality and many more. With the new redesigned app users can now buy and sell bitcoins in a total of 19 countries.


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