Coinbase makes history!

photo credit: antanacoinsEveryone talks about the negative aspects of Bitcoin in these days. The slumps cause for negative headlines and the gloom is appreciable. But Bitcoin is not dead and there are positive headlines, too. For example from Coinbase. The Bitcoin startup makes history in these days with raising $75 million in the single venture-capital fundraising round by a Bitcoin-related startup. This shows, that there are investors outside who trust in crypto currencies for now and the future.

Coinbase allow its users to buy, accept and store Bitcoins on their platform. According to the company they has about 2.2 million customers and supports 38,000 merchants. In the fundraising round banks and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) were included. The NYSE said that they se Bitcoin as an “important” growth market”. So they planned to use its expertise to bring additional transparency to the Bitcoin market.

Stories like this shows that Bitcoin has a future although the price is not so stable as we wish. Coinbase, the startup from San Francisco, is one of the most successful Bitcoin startups and the growth of the service raises hope. In their blog they said:

Today’s fundraise gives us solid growth capital to continue driving mainstream, global adoption of Bitcoin. We are honored to be joined by such a prestigious group of investors and remain focused on helping Bitcoin continue to grow in 2015 and beyond.

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