Coinimal allows to pay with Bitcoin on Amazon

The Austrian start-up Coinimal is now offering a new service. In addition to offering eight different payment methods such as PayPal, immediately or EPS, customers can get in exchange for Bitcoins now vouchers. This Coinimal offers a completely new type of Bitcoin payment.

The process is entirely automatic. Users send bitcoins to Coinimal, and after just 1 to 3 blockchain confirmations receive their voucher code immediately by email. This is a standard voucher to top up your balance, which can be redeemed against purchases on the marketplace of

‘For the first time, this makes it possible to buy absolutely anything on for bitcoin – just as you would in a regular purchase, from inside your account, but with all the added advantages that crypto brings,’ explains Coinimal Co-CEO Eric Demuth.

Not only is the new service fast, but it is extremely low-cost. No fees are charged on bitcoin transactions when buying Amazon vouchers, including processing fees. If a customer spends €100 in bitcoin, they get market price for their coins and receive a €100 voucher. ‘We can achieve this efficiency thanks to a direct partnership with,’ added Co-CEO Paul Klanschek. ‘Because this initiative is 100 percent in direct cooperation with, these are original vouchers and there are no additional charges at all. This makes it incredibly fast and convenient to spend your bitcoins on’

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