Copay: Mobile Wallet now for Windows Phones

For a long time Windows Phone users had to be left standing when they want to use mobile wallets for their Bitcoin transactions. Copay is the first Bitcoin wallet platform which could be used on Windows Phones now. Yet Copay is still in beta. So it’s recommended to use this demo just for small transactions till it’s out of beta. But by now they are some really good features that will make you happy!

Copay uses the multi-signature technology which allows Bitcoin wallets to be controlled by multiple private keys. So the authorization of a transaction can require one, some or all of these private keys. Therewith the multi-signature technology solves problems of security and accoutability in shared finances.

The app for Windows Phones was presented at the CES and could be tested for free on each Windows Phone.

A video shows the benefits of the app and explain the multi-signature technology

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