Corporation of Bitspark and Vitaxel Group

Malaysia seems to be interested in Bitcoin and Fin-Techs increasingly. Thanks to a new partnership between Bitspark and Vitaxel Group Bitcoin payments are soon available in the Malaysian market. Most people who use Bitcoin and digital currencies and observe the name Bitspark will be a household name. The company has already made in the past, a name with Bitcoin transfers, as it has, for example, offered the world’s first deposit Payout Service for Bitcoin.

The partnership with the Vitaxel Group is an important milestone for Bitspark. The Vitaxel Group is the first multi-level marketing parent company in South East Asia with a focus on travel, entertainment, health and lifestyle products. All their products are available in an electronic purchasing platform and on its own shopping mall. For both companies, it makes sense to the Malaysian market to urge. After Malaysia other countries of Southeast Asia are to be opened. Finally, the emergence of mobile banking and the use of smart phones has meant that costs for cross-border trade could be successfully reduced already.

Business with remittances poses in Malaysia has great potential, since already more than 2 billion US dollars to Indonesia to be transferred annually. Use the block chain technology can here cost and efficiency advantages, especially for customers, be achieved. This is exactly where the Vitaxel Group comes into play, which could be a game changer in cooperation with Bitspark. In the coming weeks there will be further discussions and consultations on the partnership. It will be a challenge to bring the block chain technology to Malaysia, but it is also a good way to increase the Bitcoin popularity continues.

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