Craig Wright wants to own Bitcoin

The Australian Craig Wright tried to build a large collection of patents around Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Wright had said in May, to be the legendary Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto. He could not prove it but. Unlike its apart in the Community taken assertions a collection of patents would probably have far-reaching consequences: Finally, in the meantime deal cloud providers like Microsoft, open source consortia and banks with blockchain technology. So-called Distributed Ledgers (distributed accounts) could be used for banking and stock transactions, logistics and trade, and the Internet of Things.

According to Reuters, Wright has filed over 50 patent applications in February, through a company registered in Antigua company called EITC Holdings. The UK Patent Office has been eleven of them made public. More are in the pipeline. These patents relate according to Reuters on Block Chain application scenarios. One describes a system to safely pay for online content. Another detail a block-chain-based operating system to provide a platform for the Internet of Things. A Reuters document points to about 400 planned applications. The term “block chain” and the umbrella term “Distributed Ledger” found thus in virtually all applications.

At Wright’s claim to have invented Bitcoin, there are, according to Reuters no new evidence. However, the documents suggested that Wright had dealt well before the publication of the Bitcoin system with such technology. A copied from a block chain of alleged private key Wrights or Nakamotos let experts close in May to a deliberate attempt to deceive the Australian. The announced only “extraordinary evidence”, but then had claims to not “have the courage” to publish it. His defense had not been mistaken in him, he wrote – but “I now know that the world will never believe me.”

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