Debut on Bloomberg: Winklevoss Price Ticker!

opengraphWith the “WinkDex” the bitcoin price index from Winklevoss the first appereance on Bloomberge was made! Under WINKBTCO it’s listed on the platform and that are really good news for the index, launched this year. Winkdex was launched in February by the Twins Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss who are working towards to their Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust – a bitcoin exchange-tradet fund.

In a blog post the team from WinkDex said that they were very excited that the WinkDex is now available on Bloomberg. They are honored to be working with Bloomberg to bring a blended bitcoin price index to ther wide reaching investor community. New features ar planned to roll out over the coming weeks, including a API.

Since last year Bloomberg experimented with a bitcoin price ticker. From the exchanges Coinbase and Kraken bitcoin prices were integrated along with news on the Bloomberg Professional Service. The useres from this service are no able to track bitcoin prices with relevant news. But yet it’s not an endorsement of bitcoin from Bloomberg – investors still cannot trade the currency on the platform.

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