After decoupling of Bitcoin: Ether-price reaches record high

The price per Ether reached on June 14, the first time a new peak near the 20 Dollars mark. The digital token Ethereum seems to have escaped the old trading pattern and is currently seeking to escape upwards. In recent weeks, market observers assumed that ether is in a negative relationship with the more established digital currency Bitcoin. The two currencies have however taught us in the last days of a better: ether rose during a small Bitcoin price drop rapidly on.

The new ether highs subjected simultaneously record-breaking 24-hour trading volume of 62.7 million US dollars with them what the all-time high of 65.5 million US dollars is very close in March. Data from the exchange Poloniex that ether could put with 18.95 US dollars, a new all-time high (ATH). The peak value was reached at 04:45 UTC and was over 10% above the initial opening price of 17.25 US dollars.

During enjoyed ether a new ATH, the Bitcoin price fell from an initial 705.62 US dollar by 2% to 692.80 dollars. Next later the price dropped again by a few percentage points to 661.60 US dollars. If Bitcoin and ether are in a negative correlation with each other, ether would have to rise further in a further price decline of Bitcoin. This was not quite like that. The ether price fell to 18.04 US dollars as Bitcoin reached its daily low.

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