Dogecoin Tipping App Approved By Facebook


photo credit: mkhmarketing

It’s the first time that Facebook has approved a crypto-currency tipping app. And it’s a big surprise that the crypto-currency is not Bitcoin but Dogecoin! The good news were announced in Reddit’s Dogecoin section by the developer of the app himself, Alejandro Caballero. And a new Multicoin Tipping App followed in its place.

Alejandro describes the long way before Facebook has approved the app:



“Some days ago we got The Doge Tipping App being the first of its kind. Some adjustments were made during the review, but it was already approved. When we submitted the Doge-only app, the Multicoin Tipping App was also submitted. But we needed to change several things to have it finally approved” 

It’s a great success for crypto-currencies beacause Facebook’s Term are very specific with Payments. The Tipping App have to work with Facebook limitations as well. But it is a substantial progress for all crypto-currencies.

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