Entrepreneur Wright outs himself as Bitcoin inventor

After years of speculation, the Australian computer expert and entrepreneur Craig Steven Wright has presented itself as the founder of digital currency Bitcoin. He spoke, among others, to the BBC and the magazine “Economist”, as both reported on Monday. He had to support his assertion technically: With Bitcoins, which could have only the founder, the BBC reported.

The Bitcoin founder was now known only as “Satoshi Nakamoto” up. A few months ago Wrights name came up once before, after leaked documents pointed to him. This also meant that authorities ransacked his home. Currently, they should negotiate with his lawyers about how much tax he should pay extra because of its online trading activities. At that time he did not comment on the matter. “I did not want public, but I do now that the matter is resolved once and for all,” Wright told the “Economist”. He had been inspired for his pseudonym from the name of a Japanese philosopher of the 17th century, Tominaga Nakamoto.

However, his choice had collateral consequences. For some time a Japanese man of the same name was pushed into the media focus, which was suddenly acted as a suspected Bitcoin inventors worldwide. Other people had fallen in the meantime under suspicion. Also should, according to Wright, now come to an end.

However, there are doubts as to whether it really is the creator of crypto currency in which Australians. According Reddit users have submitted evidence is a normal transaction key, as produced it in principle every user at a money movement. Although this actually refers to a transaction in 2009 – it is the first Bitcoin transfers have been at all – this would not prove his identity. Critical manifests itself also the tech journalist Nik Cubrilovic that “not for one second” believes that Wright’s information is correct. The set of instructions it could be an elaborate deception.

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