Ether: $ 50 million stolen

There is a bank robbery of modern varieties: The technology, which should be regarded as “invulnerable” was hit by a heavy blow. The ether price fell massively. Criminals have, according to a media report captures online virtual currency worth more than $ 50 million. The money did the experimental Investment Fund DAO collected in the artificial currency ether, a competitive currency Bitcoin, the New York Times reported on Saturday. The course of ether lost massively after the attack and was Sonntagsfrühstück only at 12, 25 dollars. At peak times, a value of about $ 21 was recorded.

Target of DAO was to show that the ether technology is “invulnerable”. Their founders had taken in recent months more than 140 million US dollars through crowdfunding, which was a new record for swarm funded projects. The cyber-attack on the virtual currency is not only financially, but also for the credibility of a disaster for DAO. The DAO programmers delayed according to the New York Times, just to change their code. That would indeed allow them to retrieve the stolen virtual money. At the same time, this would also have been an admission that their approach is not working.

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