Ethereum Geth Release introduces Swarm Daemon feature

A few exciting things are waiting for the Ethereum community. Two new Geth clients will be released next week. The releases contain new features, such as the AlphaLight Client. In addition, the limits for the new hard fork are inserted into the release. It is a great advance in a short time and the community is excited about the new features. Any decent cryptography must evolve over time. The developers have to deal with current problems and suggest new features. As far as Ethereum is concerned, a new feature will be the Alpha Light Client, which has been in process for some time. In addition, the code needed to implement the new hard fork is also implemented.

It is actually unusual for developers to release two versions of the same wallet clients. To be somewhat more accurate: Geth 1.4.19 and 1.5 are both set for the next week. Version 1.4.19 is the Master Branch of the Ethereum Development, while 1.5 introduces experimental features. Although both clients support the upcoming Hard Fork. But the forking itself will not be carried out next week. But what is still published as part of this release is the block number at which the Hard Fork is to take place. This information is widely distributed in advance to allow developers time to resolve possible problems that may occur in the meantime.

The most famous new feature is the introduction of the Swarm Daemon. This feature allows Ethereum Nodes to migrate to the Light Client. The entire blockchaindata are held in a swarm, so that you can perform access “on-demand”. This means that users can access blocks, transactions, and the state through the swarm instead of storing everything locally.

Although this new feature solves the problem of local storage space, you still need to connect to the network. In addition, it may be possible that the solution is not satisfactory in the long run because it requires a certain number of Swarm providers. However, the majority of the network is expected to accept the Swarm Daemon. These new changes will benefit the Ethereum ecosystem as a whole. Bitcoin developers should take the Swarm Daemon feature as it contains a lot of potential. At the moment it is still time to see how the features are implemented in a live environment.

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