Ethereum price increases surprisingly

At the end of June had Hacker existing only in the block chain DAO (the first decentralized autonomous organization) stolen 3.6 million units of crypto currency and Bitcoin Alternative ether worth over 40 million euros. The Ethereum course broke then one by one third. The cleavage of the block chain by a Hardfork should ensure that the theft quasi can be undone – apparently a successful step.

The standing actually on the brink of second chain Ethereum Classic (ETC) has witnessed in recent days a strong upturn. After last week were still all signs point to death, the ETC course was itself more than the beginning of week doubled, to 1.39 dollars per ETC. Thus, the crypto currency reached a market capitalization of 115 million US dollars and the sixth largest digital currencies like BTC Echo reported.

The Bitcoin investor Jason Maurice is one of the proponents of the original block chain, in the DAO hackers diverted million would still be attributed. According to Maurice no intervention was necessary to save the balance of the DAO project and its investors. The response from the market appears to be positive, according to industry observers, Miner see Ethereum Classic a great profit potential. decisive for the short-term success is obvious that Ethereum Classic currently offers the same functions as Ethereum that but at a fraction of the cost. With the increasing aware of this advantage but also decreases the success rate. It therefore remains to be seen whether ETC is able to maintain long term.

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