Fake Bitcoin wallets on thieves tour on the App Store

Fraudsters could apparently put several alleged Bitcoin wallets on the App Store and thus steal Bitcoins by users. Apple has the apps now removed. Apple has more than ten alleged Bitcoin wallets left in the App Store, which were designed to steal money users, as reported motherboard. The company had the fraud apps since been removed, but in addition, does not comment on the matter.

The scammers have apparently also the source code of legitimate bitcoin wallets used for this purpose, to make their apps appear trustworthy, as a developer of Bitcoin app Breadwallet reported. How many people came to a total loss, remains unclear – the number seems far but relatively low. Customers have lost around $ 20,000 by this scam, the Breadwallet-founder Aaron Voisine told Motherboard. It would be good if Apple would examine the source of financial app better notes Voisine. The iPhone Group reviews each app before approval for the App Store.

Bitcoin wallets are allowed at all for iOS devices only two years. An additional passage in the app store guidelines approved since offering apps for sending virtual currencies – as long as it complies with the local legal requirements. Since then, several Bitcoin apps in the App Store can be found.

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