Finland: First two-way Bitcoin ATM launched in Helsinki

Bitcoin ATMs become more and more popular. In many cities around the world the ATMs were launched and used by the Bitcoin community. But a wide range of ATMs could only be used in one way. In Helsinki the Bitcoin ATM Operator Cointter have now launched the first two-way Bitcoin in Finland and also in nothern Europe.

The ATM is located in the city center at Delish store and open for public testing 24 hours a day. Another one which go live on April 9th ist located at Restaurant Kynsilaukka. These two Bitcoin ATM are only the beginning. As we can read on the Website from Cointter, they will be expanding Local Bitcoins ATM network into selected countries during 2014.

Using the ATM should be surprisingly easy and so Bitcoin user in Finland were very happy with this launch. And many users whish that the two-way ATM come soon in other european countries like the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.


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