First annual Bitcoin Women’s Day on Sunday

On Sunday, March 8th, it’s International Women’s Day – and this year, it’s Bitcoin Women’s Day, too. The event ist designed to promote the women in the Bitcoin community who represent only about 8 % of the Bitcoin users. But quality is better than quantity and so we should celebrate every woman who makes the step in the highly technical and male-dominated Bitcoin community.

Bitcoin Women’s Day organizer Sarah Boone Martin, CEO of Boone Martin, said in an interview with CryptoCoinNews:

“March 8th is the launch of Bitcoin Women’s Day, a global campaign to champion women’s achievements in digital currency,”

Sarah Boon Martin is excited for the event. But she doesn’t believe there is necessarily anything gendered about Bitcoin so the event is for everyone. Beside Martin there are a lot of other great women and it’s not possible to imagine one without the other. With Elizabeth Ploshay (BitPay), Victoria van Eyk (ChangeTip), Jinyoung Englund (Bitcoin Foundation), Connie Gallippi (BitGive Foundation), Naomi Brockwell (Bitcoin Girl) and many others there are inspiring women in the community. So now it’s time to show, that Bitcoin ist not only for technical interested men but also for women with great ideas, be interested in finance and with huge visions for the future.

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